3 Things to remember when reading a newspaper

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Newspapers are great for ESL learners

As an English as a Second Language learner, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you read the newspaper.

1. Not everything in a Newspaper is grammatically correct

When you read a quote in a newspaper chances are that what’s in the quote probably isn’t grammatically correct. Writers use made up words sometimes to emphasize their point.

2. Newspapers use many expressions

Expressions are  hard to understand when you are new to a language, so be sure to  write expressions down and check them on the internet to find out what exactly they mean. You can use these expressions to showcase your skills in the PSC exams.

3. Newspapers use fancy words

Fancy words in a newspaper can make the message unclear, so check definitions of words that you don’t know. It will help you increase your vocabulary and clarify the message. You can use the new words you have learned in an oral conversation to help remember the new word.

A couple of my favourite newspapers are The Globe and Mail and The Montreal Gazette.

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