A Common Grammar Mistake

“Me I” should not be used when speaking English

A common grammar mistake that I hear by Quebecois is “me I.”

In Quebec French it is considered acceptable to say, “moi je.” Quebecois use this spoken expression to emphasize something. In English it is not acceptable to say, “me I.” It doesn’t work because you are using a subject and an object pronoun both as subjects.

A sentence usually has a subject and an object pronoun.

e.g. I like her.

  • I > is a subject pronoun
  • Her > is an object pronoun
  • Her could be replaced by a name, so the sentence could be, ” I like Jenn.”
  • The pronoun replaces the name.
If you are looking for more information on pronouns, check out University of Ottawa’s site.

Next time you’re talking in English make sure you avoid this grammar mistake.

Looking for some help on the PSC  oral exam check this page out.

Know any other common mistakes? Let me know.

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