Conditional Sentence Flow Chart

Conditional Sentences Flow Chart

Conditional sentences are hard to create when you are learning English. I created this conditional sentence flow chart to help you  decide what conditional to use.

How To Use The Flow Chart

The instructions are as follows:

  • Take an activity like visiting Canada.
  • You ask yourself, “am I talking about a real possible thing?”
  • If the answer is yes, move to the real conditional side.
  • Then ask yourself, “Are you trying to express a past habit?”
  • If yes, then use the past real conditionals. If no, then move down the flow chart to the next question.
  • You continue this process until you have determined which conditional you use.

Here is a video to further explain how to use the flow chart.

Conditional Sentence Flow Chart

Conditional Sentence Flow Chart

The chart displays the following Conditionals:

  • Present Real Conditional
  • Past Real Conditional
  • Future Real Conditional
  • Present Unreal Conditional
  • Past Unreal Conditional
  • Future unreal Conditional

The chart also displays what is the form for each conditional as well as an example, so you know how to use it.

Final Thoughts

The flow chart is a great tool to help you to understand what conditional you want to use.  Additional practice is always helpful so if you looking for some good practice for conditionals, you should  check out this practice.

Let me know your thoughts.

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