How to improve your spoken English

How to improve spoken EnglishPeople often ask me how they can improve their spoken English. Whether you’re doing your PSC language exam, or you just want to improve generally here are a few tips with, “how to improve your spoken English.”

Have conversations with people

Many people are shy when it comes to practising a new language. You should give that extra effort to practice talking. Also, ask the person you chat with to correct you. This will help reduce the number of mistakes you repeat.

Listen to the news

This is  a great way to listen to how to pronounce words. People who do the news tend to speak very clearly and pronounce their words carefully. This is great if you are a second language learner because you really get to hear the words pronounced correctly. Once you hear the words used in the news, you can practice them on your own.  As a side note, if you are looking for a great way to find out how to pronounce words, you can check out I recommend this site because it has both British and American pronunciations.


First of all what is a podcast. A podcast is, “A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc”  Podcasts are great because they are many  topics. They aren’t always the best of quality and the level of speech changes with each one, but they are entertaining. If we can make learning fun, why not? A great place to look for podcasts is Itunes.

Those are some tips for people who are looking to improve their spoken English.

If you have any other suggestions about “how to improve your spoken English”, leave me a suggestion.

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