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Getting Started with Iain Robson ESL(IRESL)

If you are new here to Iain Robson ESL, I have put together a few essential learning materials. These materials will help you improve your language. You might be an English speaker or learning English as a second language, but you are sure to learn something here.

What is IRESL?

Let me start off by defining what is ESL. ESL is an acronym for English as a Second Language. This means that if you are a person whose mother tongue isn’t English, you are a ESL learner.

There are many variations for ESL. One example I have seen is, English as an Additional Language or EAL. The main point here is that you are learning English, and it isn’t your first language.

IRESL is for you, the English as a Second Language learner. So we have determined what ESL is, now let’s look at the IR bit. That is the easy part. IR stands for Iain Robson. That’s me.

Let the learning start.

Verb Tenses To Start With

What you need to know for Business English


These are some of the head to head grammar tenses to help you understand.

How to contact me?

If you are into social media, you can contact me on twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

If you want some specific grammar information or you are just looking to chat, feel free.


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