Simple Present

How to use the simple presentSimple present is one of the most common tenses that we use.

  1. It is used for habits or repeated actions e.g. I work every day.
  2. It is used with general facts or ideas. e.g. The sun rises and sets every day
  3. It is used to express the future. e.g. The bus leaves  tomorrow at 10:00am
  4. It is used with non-progressive verbs (verbs that cannot be put in -ing form) e.g. I understand you. Not, I understanding you

Some common keywords for Simple present

  1. Every day
  2. Every weekend/month/year
  3. On weekdays/monts/years
  4. Usually
  5. Sometimes

Simple present is one of the basic tenses that second language learners need to master to move on to the harder tenses.

For more on verb tenses, check out the verb tense overview, or for some practice check out

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