The Importance of Grammar for Business

Grammar for business
I can’t believe you forgot your question mark.

Today I was having a conversation with one of my students about, “why is grammar for business important.”  The answer that I got was rather interesting.

She talked about if she made mistakes in her reports, she would be perceived as less of an authority in her work . Now, for someone whose mother tongue is English, this isn’t as much of a concern. However, for a second language learner, it is important to do a job properly.

Some might think, if you make grammar mistakes when you are young, you are  still wet behind the ears, and haven’t polished your skills yet. However, if you are a middle-aged adult, one would hope that you make fewer mistakes.

This conversation about business English brought up an interesting thought.

The importance of Grammar for Business

With all the technology we have today, and all the short forms we have adopted due to the internet, we have lost the importance of grammar for business.

The small things like, what’s the difference between their and there.

I work with English as a second language students. Perhaps that is why many of them consider grammar important. The average Joe/Jane may not put that same emphasis on it. They might think, “English is my mother tongue, why should I bother?”

What they don’t realize is that it matters more.

Think about this situation. You are creating a report for senior management, and the document that you have created has errors in it. If senior management notices those errors, it will make you, as an English speaker, look like less of an authority in your job.

I don’t know about you, but as a young professional, this is bad.

This brings me back to my main point, pay attention to grammar.

I am going to provide a couple of easy tips to help you reduce the amount of errors that you make in your work.

Take time to proofread

One of the easiest ways to prevent errors on your reports is, proofread your work. It doesn’t take very long, and it can save you a lot of grief.

Personally, I read things out loud to proofread them. I find that I am able to catch many errors that I would have missed. I know I’m not perfect that is why I proofread in the first place.

Get a friend to double-check your work

This is really a second proofreading. You’d be surprised how many things you still miss if you read your work out loud.

I tend to ask my girlfriend to read over my work, but it isn’t always easy to get her to read about grammar.

Having someone look over your work  makes a huge difference in understanding. Our brain tends to fill in details that we never wrote down, so having a colleague check your work is fantastic.

If you don’t have someone who can look over you work for free, perhaps try Elance which is a  platform for online employment.


Those are the tips I have for you. Do you have any other tips that might be helpful?



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